In this interview with Dr. Coyte Cooper, PhD, host Jaclyn dives deep into the journey of a man who transformed adversity into opportunity. From a promising career as a college professor to becoming an author, coach, and speaker, Coyte shares his insights on the power of mindset, resilience, and personal growth. Discover how he navigated the saturated coaching market, differentiated himself, and empowered others to conquer their fears and achieve their goals.

Embracing Change: Coyte's journey began in Alaska, where he was a wrestler and an athlete, setting the stage for his relentless drive for success. After college, he pursued a career as a college professor, pouring his heart into it for seven years. However, a sudden denial of tenure shook his world, leaving him with no Plan B.

The Turning Point: Coyte's life took a drastic turn when he decided not to accept a demotion but rather chase his dream of becoming an entrepreneur, author, coach, and speaker. His wife's unwavering support fueled his courage.

Psychology of Success: Coyte delves into the psychology of success, emphasizing that 80% of it is mental, and only 20% is strategy. He highlights the importance of getting one's mindset right to excel in business.

Challenges in a Saturated Market: Jaclyn and Coyte discuss the challenges of entering a saturated coaching and speaking market. Coyte acknowledges the difficulties but emphasizes the power of authenticity and serving at the highest level.

Overcoming Plateaus: Coyte explores the reasons why people sometimes don't get the results they desire despite their best efforts. He explains that fear and self-doubt are often the hidden obstacles that need to be addressed.

Accepting Non-Success: The interview touches on the concept of reframing "failure." Coyte advocates for shifting the focus from external results to personal growth, emphasizing gratitude, giving your best, and embracing the opportunity to grow, irrespective of outcomes.

Respecting Individual Perspectives: Coyte believes in providing tools and techniques but respecting individual perspectives. He encourages clients to adapt strategies to suit their unique needs and preferences.

Collaboration and Humility: Coyte recognizes that he may not be an expert in every aspect and is open to collaboration with other professionals. He stresses the importance of humility in knowing when to refer clients to specialists.

Dr. Coyte Cooper's coaching philosophy centers on empowering individuals to conquer their fears, optimize their mindset, and unleash their full potential. To learn more about Coyte and his transformative programs, visit his website at


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