In another ANBRWY Podcast episode, we sit down with digital trailblazer Leah to delve into the world of digital marketing. Leah and her husband specialize in assisting coaches, consultants, and course creators in crafting, launching, selling, and scaling their programs. With years of experience in the digital marketing realm, they've honed their skills in lead generation and sales, helping countless individuals achieve online success. Leah shares insights into the art of effective sales, content creation, and nurturing leads. 

Mastering Digital Marketing: Leah emphasizes the importance of coaches and consultants becoming adept at marketing to attract their ideal clients effectively.

The Power of Sales: Leah explains that sales can be enjoyable when approached with the right mindset, focusing on identifying problems and offering solutions rather than being pushy.

Marketing the Result: Instead of marketing the means to an end, Leah advises promoting the result your program provides, as people seek specific solutions to their problems.

Building a Marketing Ecosystem: Leah outlines the benefits of creating a holistic marketing ecosystem, integrating various platforms like Facebook, email, text messages, and more to engage potential clients.

Reactivating Email Lists: For those with dormant email lists, Leah suggests reactivating them with a series of engaging emails and cleaning up the list to improve open rates.

Content Creation: Leah's preferred content formats are live sessions and short-form vertical videos (e.g., TikTok and Reels), as they are quick to produce and engage audiences effectively.

Getting Attention: To stand out on social media, craft attention-grabbing titles, be engaging, ask questions, and avoid directing viewers off the platform during live videos.

Funnel Essentials: Leah stresses the importance of having a basic funnel in your business strategy to efficiently nurture leads and convert them into clients.

Pick Up the Phone: To make a significant financial impact, Leah recommends asking for phone numbers and making personal calls to potential clients, which can set you apart in a digital world.

To learn more and connect with Leah, visit Digital Trailblazer, where you can access valuable resources and book a call with her team.


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