In the latest episode of The ANRBWY Podcast, we dove deep into the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) with our special guest, Jodie Mitchell. Jodie is not only an expert SEO blogger but also a talented wedding photographer. J

Understanding the SEO Landscape: In a world where algorithms constantly evolve, SEO remains a mystery to many. Jodie likens it to the ever-changing rules of social media algorithms, with Google's ranking criteria continuously adapting. Contrary to assumptions, Google's algorithms are actually becoming simpler over time. The key to success lies in creating in-depth, informative content that addresses users' needs.

The Power of On-Page SEO Techniques: Jodie emphasizes three critical on-page SEO elements that can significantly impact your website's performance. These are the page title, meta description, and H1 tag. The page title and meta description, visible on Google, provide concise and relevant information about your content. The H1 tag acts as the headline on your actual page, conveying the topic's essence to users and search engines alike.

Keywords: Sprinkle with Care: When it comes to integrating keywords into your content, moderation is key. Jodie advises against "keyword stuffing," which makes your content sound robotic and unnatural. Instead, she recommends sprinkling keywords strategically throughout your content, making it user-friendly and informative.

Unveiling the Secrets of Backlinks: Backlinks, or links from other websites to yours, play a pivotal role in showcasing your authority and expertise in a particular field. Jodie explains that backlinks indicate to Google that your content is valuable and relevant. Strategies to acquire backlinks include guest blogging, collaboration with other businesses, and being featured in relevant directories.

Content Promotion & Reaching New Audiences: Promoting your content is as essential as creating it. Jodie advocates for active content promotion across platforms like social media. She suggests sharing your blog posts on Instagram, creating TikToks or reels to highlight key points, and collaborating with others to widen your reach. Additionally, engaging in forums and communities to answer questions with relevant blog links can help draw a wider audience.

Mastering User Experience for Better SEO and Conversions: Enhancing user experience (UX) is crucial for both SEO and conversions. Jodie emphasizes the importance of mobile optimization, as users often access websites via mobile devices. She also stresses the value of internal linking within your content to guide users and provide a seamless journey through your website.

Balancing Evergreen and Time-Sensitive Content: When it comes to blogging, finding the right balance between evergreen (timeless) and time-sensitive (seasonal) content is key. While evergreen content ensures consistent traffic, seasonal content can lead to spikes during relevant periods. Jodie advises maintaining consistency in publishing, regardless of the frequency, as sporadic bursts of content followed by inactivity can be counterproductive.

The Journey to SEO Success: Patience and Persistence: SEO is a long-term investment that requires patience and persistence. Jodie shares a success story of a blogger who, after diligently implementing SEO strategies, saw a significant increase in organic clicks over time. She underscores the importance of staying the course and trusting the process.

It's evident that SEO is a dynamic and multifaceted strategy that can yield remarkable results for businesses. By focusing on optimizing on-page elements, fostering backlinks, and providing valuable content, businesses can enhance their website's visibility, user experience, and overall conversion rates. Whether you're a seasoned expert or just embarking on your SEO journey, remember that consistency, quality, and strategic promotion are the keys to unlocking SEO success.

To learn more about Jodie Mitchell and her exclusive Nowhere to No. 1 program, visit her website at While you're there, take advantage of her FREE SEO guide, which is designed to make SEO less intimidating and more accessible. Jodie's teaching approach ensures that you can easily grasp SEO concepts and achieve tangible results. Join her lively Facebook Community at for great resources, community, and tips to enhance your SEO knowledge! 


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