In the latest ANBRWY Podcast episode, I sit down with Lydia, the innovative mind behind 'Screw the Cubicle,' celebrating its 10th anniversary. Lydia, an innovation coach for workers and a strategist for solopreneurs, shares her remarkable journey from corporate America to location-independent entrepreneurship. Discover how she's redefined success, mastered resilience, and guides her clients to align their businesses with their unique aspirations.

Lydia's Journey: Lydia reflects on her journey from the corporate world to entrepreneurship. Initially content just working for herself, she never imagined achieving location independence. Over the past decade, she's explored various lifestyles while building her business, emphasizing the importance of working smarter, not harder. Lydia advocates for "Tiny but Mighty" businesses, focusing on finding the right balance of work and life.

Defining Success: Lydia discusses the evolving concept of "enough" in her life and business. She advises against obsessing over the perfect business plan or niche, emphasizing designing a business that aligns with current needs and aspirations. Instead of striving for perfection, she encourages embracing uncertainty and adapting to change.

Business Model Alignment: Lydia shares insights into the importance of focusing on a specific area to achieve mastery in entrepreneurship. While versatility is praised in the corporate world, specialization is key to standing out in the entrepreneurial landscape. By narrowing their focus, entrepreneurs can accelerate client acquisition and boost sales.

Resilience Amid Uncertainty: Lydia's approach to uncertainty involves calculated risks. She views major decisions, like her move to Bali, as short-term experiments rather than permanent commitments. This mindset allows for flexibility and minimizes fear. She emphasizes that building a strong foundation is essential before marketing and branding.

Globalization and Lifestyle Integration: Lydia highlights the opportunities presented by a more interconnected world. Remote work, homeschooling, and lifestyle choices have evolved, enabling entrepreneurs to reach international markets. The pandemic awakened a desire for more fulfilling work and life experiences, driving a positive shift in perspective.

Lydia's website,, serves as a valuable resource hub. Her YouTube channel offers structured playlists catering to different career stages. Take the "What Business Should I Start Based on My Personality Type?" quiz to receive personalized insights into starting a meaningful business aligned with your strengths and personality.

In a world of uncertainty and evolving work dynamics, Lydia's wisdom provides a refreshing perspective on entrepreneurship. Her journey from corporate confines to a location-independent business serves as an inspiration for those seeking more meaningful and flexible work-life integration.


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